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Oh dang, I’ve been really tempted to start a @tinyletter mailing list because it’s cute and kinda trendy. But like, why? I have this blog that I barely update…I guess I’ll update this thing and graduate to the trendy tinyletter some day.

This is a very 2005-esque live journal blog update. Here a few things that I’ve gotten into this past week.

  • Tiny letter from Stacey May Fowles.
    I’ve been a fan of Miss Stacey for like seven years, she’s a rad writer that’s co-edited, She’s Shameless (a super dope anthology about fearless/feminist women from the makers of Shameless magazine ++ also another dope-ass tri-annual print publication. Also note: I purchased the first ever issue in 2004 when I was a weird 19-year old riot grrl-wannabe) and I think she’s the secret dance break tweeter at The Walrus. That was a long prologue about her Tinyletter. It’s pretty great because it’s not full of trendy YouTube gurl makeup life advice from some yuppie trendster (is that even a word?), it’s real important stuff: baseball & life advice. Her last Tinyletter discussed in short detail about setting her social media to private for safety but on the downside, decreasing her chances for self-promo. I’ve been thinking about that for a long time and instead of setting my social media to private, I am just very cognizant about the things I post/tweet/update. It kinda drives me crazy because I just want to post a photo of a hot dog. It’s just nice that a smart lady across the country thinks of these same things too. OH! YEAH! Baseball, she likes baseball. Who likes baseball these days? I do! She does! That’s wicked awesome. I’m stoked for the Vancouver Canadians season this summer, renovated ballpark and grapefruit ale. DELICIOUS!

@whatsuphotdogvan hawt dawg 🔥🐺

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    • Brandy Lien Worrall
      On the weekend, I dropped by her reading at the Big Rock Brewery this week. It was a tiny bit loud but seriously like ten thousand times better than a normcore coffee shop reading because there were beverages and kimchi poutine. Even though there were some bros at the back of the bar, being loud bro-type patrons, you could filter all the bro-nonsense and still hear her passion. Like for reals, she’s the definition of badass, she’ll probably kick your butt (if neccesary) if she wasn’t undergoing post-cancer treatment. Seriously, she’s dope. She’s a cancer survivor, mom to a few pho-t-shirt wearing adorable children, writer/editor/publisher of a small press and all around bad-ass outspoken individual. She’s still pretty young and undergoing huge life things (e.g cancer at 31) and kicking it’s ass and still producing some sweet cultural products. If there’s one SHERO (she-hero) in your life, she needs to be one of them.
    • Jenny Lewis – Just one of the guys
      How did I just discover this music video by Jenny Lewis?! There are some fine young female celebrities rocking out to a Jenny directed music videos. Video includes your favourite things: track pants, keytars and a sweet-ass rainbow pantsuit. How could you not like this adorbs and catchy video. But yeah, Jenny’s bangs are so so pretty #sojealous.

P.S. I need a slurpee.

okay, can I tiny letter now?!

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