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sad mag kristin cheung

“Confessions of a Cat Zinester” in Sad Mag (No #18), chronicles my life as an overall werido: zinester, cat lady and someone confused with online dating. You can buy a real print issue right here. It looks like this:


sad mag kristin cheung

My zine era lasted not very long. I had to handwrite, scan, photocopy, staple and mail out zines to etsy customers. I had to reply promptly to emails and show up (on time) for zine festivals. Sometimes I made some cash. Sometimes I got hungry and ate some chips. These are some good times from the KC POP (2011-2011) days:

Tentative logo, completely stolen from SUB POP
Muicca, a cat that I co-owned for five years, sleeping on my first set of zines.


the first KC POP zine, I love cats. Straight outta the ink jet printer.


excerpts from the zine “I LOVE CATS”


excerpts from the zine “I LOVE CATS”


excerpts from the zine “I LOVE CATS”
Chillin’ at Canzine West in 2011


The second zine “Nyan Cat – Selected Youtube Comments”


Excerpts from “Nyan Cat – Selected Youtube Comments”


Reviewed in Color magazine. “KC Pop serves up a saucer full of sarcasm…..” – dan post


Unpublished zine "Happy Inside"
Unpublished zine “Happy Inside”
Excerpt from “Happy Inside”

“Happy Inside” – Ikea Cats commercial turned into print zine from kcpop on Vimeo.

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