New Ways of Working Together

I’ll be speaking at the Alliance for the Arts Conference  next week (June 8, 2017) on the topic about “New Ways of Working Together: The Next Generation.” This panel explores the collaborative ways in which the next generation of artists and creatives are approaching their work and practice.

There are so many ways we as millennial are working together through social media, online and offline. There are a few of my thoughts through my work “inside” and “outside” institutions:

  • Institutions need to be collaborating with other institutions of different artistic disciplines and non-arts specific infrastructure space.
  • Institutions need to value “Community Engagement” as much (or even more) as “Artistic Excellence/Achievement”, that’s what will make your operating grants stand out in peer review committees.
  • Go beyond the norms and embrace non-arts infrastructure / peer groups.
  • We need to educate those outside our circle.
  • We must include different types of collaborators in the same space. For example “The Future is you and me” includes creative business people and sponsors to instruct workshops.
  • Artists need to embrace different models of working that are used in non arts sector (business / technology etc)
  • Speaking the same language as non-arts communities, the mainstream (non arts world) does not care about what you’re doing. You have to convert to their ways of thinking / talking. Don’t preach to the already converted.

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