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Last week I basically had a panic attack while attending FUSE at the Vancouver Art Gallery.  I was in the middle of a 60-hour work week; that included:

  • Grantwriting for small non-profit art organizations
  • Facilitating a strategic planning meeting
  • Meetings with Board members in my part-time job
  • Meetings with my volunteer-run print publication
  • Attending art / social events (okay, that’s fun stuff but still in a middle of a busy work week, its not fun)
  • Working full-time at my regular day job.

But I keep on telling myself, it’s all worth it —– and it is.

Building a community isn’t a 9-5 job, it’s basically 9-5 & 5-9. I was able to end the week chatting with Edmonton ex-pat Erika Thorkelson on her rad women’s collective radio show The Storytelling Show on Vancouver Co-op Radio CFRO.

We chatted about my beginings; an era of promoting D.I.Y all-ages shows in Edmonton, behind-the-scenes scenester stories and currently working with awesome groups like Ricepaper Hapa-palooza Festival Project Space Poetry Is Dead Magazine Sad Mag and other super fun things.

I’m really grateful for many things:

The first one is people like Erika and other like-minded peers who are able to give a platform to those without. As an arts administrator, we work behind the scenes, no press, no media, no awards, no industry prizes. We’re okay with it because whatever is on stage —- we made that happen. We’re cool with that. It was great being on-air and discussing a little bit of what goes on in building a community through arts and culture.

The second thing I’m really grateful for is —- everybody. (new) friends who join the community as a patron, audience member or even passerby, the friends who invite me to join them as a staff, volunteer or board member, the (best) friends who want to create an amazing community through arts and culture.

Listen to the entire show online –

P.S. Thanks a million to you (the reader, whoever you are)

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